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For Easter Gift Baskets! $380/2000
4" Fabric satin pull bows, packed flat unfolded

Decorate Beverage Bottles
3" Pre-tied satin bows with silver elastic, 10 per poly bag

Great for Decorating Gifts and Sprucing Up Hair Bows
3" Silk White Camellia

Breast Cancer Awareness
9" poly satin pull bows, 20 loops,  ship flat





PRE-NOTCHED PEW BOWS - ship flat, fluff one loop at a time

What is a pre-notched bow?
Pre-notched bow is one of the oldest bow designs commonly used by florists, crafters, bridal shops and other bow makers. They are also called hanks. Each bow consists of several yards of folded ribbon. Small V or U shaped cuts are made in the center by machine or scissors. That is where the ribbon is then tied with florist's wire, chenille, narrow curling strings or specialty staplers.


To transform such folded ribbon into a nicely shaped bow, loops have to be pulled one at a time, twisted and then pulled again towards you. All loops must clear a middle notch so that they don't slide back under neighboring loop.  Dont be discouraged if the bow does not look perfect after youve done all this. It only means that more adjustments is needed so keep twisting and pulling loops until you get desired shape. Our pre-notched bows are made with floral ribbons. Detailed fluffing instructions are included in the package. 

While we use machine to produce neat die-cuts ready for fluffing, pre-notched bows can also be made by using few yards of ribbon and a pair of sharp scissors.


 Watch Pull Bows Video  << SEE THE DIFFERENCE  >>   Watch Pre-notched Bows Video      

Dont confuse pre-notched bows with pull bows, also sold in our store. While they both ship as pre-bows they form in a different way. Pull bows form in seconds. Loops automatically arrange themselves when you pull the two inner strings. Pre-notched bows have to be fluffed one loop at the time which requires approximately 2-3 minutes per bow with additional primping as needed. Most colors and color combinations sold in our store are available both in pre-notched and pull bows format.






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