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For Easter Gift Baskets! $380/2000
4" Fabric satin pull bows, packed flat unfolded

Decorate Beverage Bottles
3" Pre-tied satin bows with silver elastic, 10 per poly bag

Great for Decorating Gifts and Sprucing Up Hair Bows
3" Silk White Camellia

Breast Cancer Awareness
9" poly satin pull bows, 20 loops,  ship flat

Large 9" Pull Bows
Great for Baby Showers
9" Poly satin pull bows, 20 loops,  ship flat




Say yes to the end of waste!

Over 90% of our pull bows are made of material that looks like satin and feels like paper, but it is neither of the two. The material is called polypropylene, a really technical term for most consumers for whom the bow is simply just a decoration aimed to brighten a gift or event.

We get all kinds of questions related to colors, styles, sizes, shipping and prices, but one question perpetually escapes consumers' curiosity and that is:

Is polypropylene recyclable?

The answer is very sound YES! The objective of pull bow invention was to create a decorative bow that in comparison with an assembled florist bow:

-cost less to make,
-takes considerably less space to store,
-cost considerably less to ship and
-can be re-used over and over with practically no expiration date and
 where all savings and benefits are passed on to a consumer

Use of polypropylene ribbon as the primary choice of material for making pull bows added more value to their ingenuity. While the polypropylene itself is a thermoplastic polymer and a product of not so clean plastic industry, it is also 100% recyclable. In the process of recycling, ribbons are melted just like milk containers and other plastics, new additives added and new products born.

Unfortunately, most consumers are not aware that polypropylene ribbons are recyclable. As a business whose primary product is made of polypropylene ribbon, we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to spread the word and awareness about recyclability of this product.

Please recycle any ribbons you don't plan on re-using. We are the caretakers of our planet.  Every little effort in reducing waste and pollution is the duty that we owe to our children, being the future generation of Earth caretakers.




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